Every night, The Urban Daily’s resident TV blogger, Kevin L. Clark, gives you his What To Watch rundown for everything on point that’s on television. Here’s what you should check out for Wednesday, October 15th!

Season of the Grizzly, Animal Planet, 7:00pm –

I truly believe that my season has ended, but check out Animal Planet’s look at the grizzly bear population in Yellowstone National Park. Over a year’s time span, the best in the bear business look at their relationships with humans and a devastating account of a bear attack gets the reenactment treatment, tonight, at 7:00pm.

Debate Night in America, CNN, 8:00pm –

Sit down with some popcorn for this one. The last debate between presidential candidates – Barack Obama and John McCain – gets the special preview treatment at 8 o’clock on CNN. Now that the mudslinging has gone postal, tune in to CNN to learn more about the truth of this country!

The 2008 Presidential Debate, All Major Networks, 9:00pm –

This is folks… Kind of like a nerd Super Bowl of sorts. John McCain goes against “that one” – Barack Obama – in a battle of wits, words and body language as millions across the country and around the world will be tuning in to see where the future of our economy, environment and health lie with these two men running for the White House. It all goes down at 9:00pm!

Sons of Anarchy, FX, 11:00pm –

Want to rest your brain after hearing all the talking heads pontificate on what Obama and McCain truly meant by tonight’s debate? Well, unwind with my personal favorite show – Sons of Anarchy. Tonight’s episode finds the California motorcycle “club” under fire, yet again, once an old skeleton is unearthed on the outskirts of Charming. The drama unfolds at 11:00pm.

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