The next time I go out to California, I’ll make sure that I get the keys to that new 2009 Audi R8 for the weekend. Not only did I find out that if they have an International Alky-Fest that I’d be strong competition on the world’s stage, I learned that it’s definitely more fun to be a Barack Obama supporter than McCain.

The purpose was simple: race cars, play video games and write about it. I’m surprised to find out taxing that has been with all the other projects that have gone on from then till now. But undaunted I remain as the game – Midnight Club: Los Angeles – an acclaimed title from the good folks over at Rockstar Games (…I see you Mr. Dugan!) was the subject that brought countries together under the banner of booze, expensive cars and Obama.

The drive there was long all the way to the race track, but I was kept entertained by Rockstar’s international buddy system. Friends and employees from London, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Italy all met up with us states-side journalists to drive cars that are featured in the game. My weapon of choice was this canary yellow Lambourghini that would’ve made folks back home green with envy.

Bruce “Fly in the Corvette” Dugan and his Rockstar Games cohorts were cool on making sure everyone got a turn behind the wheel when they allowed us to drive. Fun, fun, fun, FUN – by the way! The beautiful thing about the event was that no one had any egos when it came down to playing the video game. In a room full of high-def TV’s, lots of food, the game was actually king over the luxurious cars that no one could take home with ’em.

Those foreigners do know how to drink though, that’s for sure! I kept getting lauded for my “Barack is the Future” tee (courtesy of GIANT) and I reveled in discussions about how the international community hates McCain with an intense fervor and hopes that Obama kind of does the save the cheerleader, save the world – thing. They wouldn’t let anyone drive drunk – that I know of – and with so much to do in such a wide space, it was odd that they just didn’t let us rip up and down the road to show off our Midnight Club skills in traffic.

Speaking of the game, that’s In stores now, Midnight Club: Los Angeles offers a detailed recreation of the City of Angels. Three times larger than any one city from the previous games in the series, this title comes with a full 24 hour day/night cycle and dynamic weather that affects the surface of the game. Although we only got to ride in a few of the rides featured in the game, Midnight Club has 46 licensed vehicles in a variety of classes: luxury, tuner, exotic, muscle and bikes. All customizable, all fun and the look and feel of the game is more realistic and visual than ever.

With so much to look forward to, you should make sure you go out and cop this title ASAP. Until then, Don’t Lose Your Day Job continues to expand it’s reach. This weekend, I’ll be in New Orleans for Sony’s Little Big Planet title. Also, be sure to tune in next to find out why The Happening ain’t the only thing happenin’ in Philly.

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