After hearing the first shots that Beanie Sigel has sent Jay-Z’s  way I implore any rappers getting any ideas to weigh the pros and cons of going to war with Hov before you mobilize.

Five reasons to pick a fight with Hov…

5) Free publicity: It gets people talking about you IMMEDIATELY. This is especially effective if you’re a relative unknown and you get him to say your name (“I’m about a dollar/ what the f*ck is 50 Cent…”)

4) His reluctance to respond: “If I shoot you I’m brainless/if you shoot me you’re famous…” Jay-Z is really cautious when picking his opponents now, so you’re sure to get off a few good shots before he even bothers to respond. Then you can negotiate for a ring tone deal while your buzz is high.

3) The Nets: At 0 and 13, his basketball team The New Jersey Nets is off to one of the worst starts in franchise history giving you tons of easy material right now.

2) His influence is waning. Once upon a time if Jay-Z said something was over, it was really over (ie 4.0 Range Rover, throwback jerseys and BMW X5s) but after calling for the death of Auto-Tune the program has become more popular than ever and enjoyed tons of free publicity (see #5).  Even Kanye west has defied his decry that “Timbs We Off That” and has been seen rocking them heavily.

1) He’s not battle-ready: The last time he responded to someone was “Brooklyn High,” the answer to Jim Jones. Not a weak response on its own but hardly a contender for the list of “greatest answer records ever.”

Five reasons to pump your brakes…

5) The best people to ever do it either ended up working with him or for him. Just ask Nas and Jadakiss.

4) You may end up with your heart on a mantle right next to Prodigy’s. The incarcerated Mobb Deep member has never been the same since being the first contestant on that Summer Jam screen.

3) “The Takeover” While “Ether” is celebrated as the how-to manual on diss records Hov brought that performance out of Nas with one directed verse (which also spawned a a really cool website

2) You can end up looking real crazy if you change your mind. When it comes to dissing Hova The Game has gone back and forth like a Cameo Song. (Then:“You got a bad b*tch word/Ain’t no [expletive] like hers/Just ask the Mavericks, Cowboys, Rockets and The Spurs.” Now: “if he responds, if he feels like you’re really pissing him off and he responds, [Jay-Z] gonna f— you up! He would f— me up, I’m just glad he didn’t respond…”

Ironically, Tony Yayo told Game that attacking Jay-Z was a “stupid move.”

When was the last time you heard this many superthug rappers tell each other that attacking another rapper is a bad idea?

And R&B dudes can heed this warning too. Chris Brown allegedly called Jay-Z a “cornball” on Twitter during the AMA’s then erased it:

1) The 15th Law of Power says to “Crush Your Enemy Completely.” Even if you manage to get off a nice mixtape diss, you still have to put out your own album that is a)better than any of Jiggas and b) outsells any of his. Then you have to marry a woman better looking than Beyonce, sell out Madison Square Garden and get your business/endorsement game up so high that you have the sports, liquor and automotive industries in your back pocket. Essentially, you have to wipe Jay-Z off the face of the earth without killing him. (Because if you kill him he becomes a martyr like Biggie or Pac and you’ll never truly defeat him.) Unless you are this thorough don’t even bother.

The only person who can really take Jay-Z out of the game right now is Jay-Z. Just ask Rakim…

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