Every year, someone manages to make a complete fool out of themselves in the public eye by doing something so completely asinine.  We’ve combed through our collective memories of 2009 and come up with a list of the biggest turkeys of 2009 that aren’t slathered in delicious gravy.

5. Beanie Sigel: Beanie had been off of everyone’s radar for awhile, thanks to some legal issues, and a couple of underwhelming albums. Things got worse for Beanie after he decided that his former Roc co-hort Jay-Z was a villain that he needed to take out.  But that’s not the worst of it… Enter 50 Cent, who has a bit of a vendetta against Jay and a new album to promote. 50 essentially exploited Beanie’s problems with Jay as a way to keep his name fresh in our minds before his album dropped.

4. Kanye West: Everyone knows Kanye’s out of control, but his outbursts and unapologetic egotism reached its tipping point at this year’s MTV VMA’s when Yeezy interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and claimed that she was not worthy of the award.  Harsh.

3. Charles Hamilton: The pink clad, Sonic The Hedgehog obsessed underground MC had a horrible summer.  First, video leaked of Charles being punched in the face by his girl after telling the whole world that she may or may not have aborted their child.  Then he caught flack for crediting the late J. Dilla as executive producer of his album even though the two had never met and no one from Dilla’s family or estate knew who he was.  Charles eventually went into hiding and was reportedly dropped from his label, Interscope.

2. Chris Brown: Obviously.

1. Dr. Conrad Murray: You can’t be responsible for the death of Michael Jackson and not be considered the biggest turkey of not only the year, but probably the decade.

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