Whether you buy into the Thanksgiving Holiday or not there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to thank your lucky stars that you’ve made it through another year. Here is a list of celebs who we think should be especially thankful this year.

Chris Brown

Breezy should be thankful that he isn’t in jail and that he still has women who adore him despite what happened with Rihanna.

Swizz Beatz

Should be thankful he has a ride or die chick like Alicia Keys who is taking mad heat from fans over their relationship but refuses to say a word about it.

Michael Vick

That he’s out of jail and doing what he loves again. And that Aaron Hall hasn’t come looking for him yet.

Tyra Banks

Is thankful that Oprah is ending her show on broadcast TV in two years so she can continue telling the world to kiss her fat ass with no competition.

Lil Wayne

Weezy should be thankful that he latched on to Drake. Now someone can keep the Young Money banner flying while he serves his bid.

Rick Ross

Should be thankful that despite having his Baby Momma in a web porno, a tell-all book written about him, confessing to being a C.O. and seeing his kids hang out with Curtis in Vegas, people still seem to like his music more than 50 Cent’s.

The Roots

With a steady gig on late night TV they can be thankful that their  livelihood is no longer dependent on the Def Jam marketing department or Japanese tour promoters.


The Chef should be thankful he became one of the few artists that can drop a proper sequel with Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 and that Joe Budden didn’t sue him for the on-camera eye-jammy.


Besides waking up to Beyonce then hitting the stage with Alicia Keys every other week, now he has Beanie Sigel losing his damn mind, thus giving him some sparring practice between talk show appearances.

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