For over a decade the evil geniuses at South Park have found a way to desecrate every holiday imaginable and Thanksgiving has been kicked in the giblets on more than one occasion. Here is just a sampling of some of the off-the-wall episodes dedicated to Turkey day.

Jay Leno Thanksgiving Special

The kids give Jay Leno the biz-nass when he asks them what they’re thankful for.

At the food drive, Kenny grabs a can of string beans. The turkeys return and Chef gives orders to the town on how to protect themselves.

The McCormicks sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner of canned green beans. Unfortunately, they don’t have a can opener.

When a new eating method sweeps the nation, even Martha Stewart joins in and eats a turkey with her ass.

Kyle and Timmy go to a farm to get a turkey for the play. Timmy picks out a “messed up one” bound for execution.

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