Melyssa Ford recently shot an “Alter Ego” photo shoot with Derek Blanks themed “Thick Skin vs. Thin Skin”. In the photos she has two identities, one, a lizard with her back out and the other, a light nude “thin skinned” girl.

Click here to see the photo!

Here’s what Melyssa had to say about the shoot:

There are two “fixed givens” I know to be true right now: One is that you need “thick skin” to deal with the entertainment business. Two, is that Derek Blanks is the hottest photographer right now and his “Alter Ego” series is THE thing to do. Celebrities are clamoring for Derek to photograph them and the “other version of themselves”. His vision is uncompromised, his talent is undeniable and I’m grateful that we finally crossed paths.

The photos that you see are the culmination of our constant communication and the implementation of my vision. The conception of this photo came to me one day while hiking and Derek Blanks and Saisha Beecham, my makeup artist/body painter more than made it a reality, which their unimaginable talent and creative execution.All of us know what it feels like to have to “turn the other cheek” or “be the bigger person” or “turn a blind eye and ear to their critics and the nay-sayers”… I OVER-stand this concept, hence my visual interpretation of the reality: that we all hurt and are not immune to the pain caused by harsh judgment.

Love, Melyssa

Take a look at the “behind” the scenes video:

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