A TMZ cameraman recently captured Nas on video talking about the video of his DUI bust.

Wow they really have the video of Nas getting busted for driving high in Georgia. This is crazy.

From TMZ

TMZ has learned rapper Nas was busted for DUI near his home in Georgia.

Nas was busted by Henry County cops on September 10, 2009. Law enforcement tells us he was arrested, booked and charges are pending.

Nas is in court today in Los Angeles for his divorce from Kelis — and if custody becomes contentious, the DUI could be a factor.

Now TMZ is saying that he was high and smelled like raw marijuana and that he admitted to the cops he was smoking weed.

I got a scar on my head from a DUI (not mine) my friendcrashed his car and almost killed his friends because of drinking and driving. It’s really not cool. You are putting yourself and others at rsk.

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