From ABCnews.

There are two new films at the box office depicting poor black teenagers trying to escape their gritty urban lives. But only one of them is drawing criticism from many members of the black community.

“Precious,” the critically acclaimed drama about an illiterate black teenage girl abused by her mother and pregnant with a second child by her father, has come under fire by a number of blacks, including Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy and former Time magazine columnist Jack White.

Meanwhile, blacks, for the most part, have been noticeably silent about “The Blind Side,” the Sandra Bullock-helmed movie based on the true story of a Memphis family, the Tuohys, who take in a poor homeless black boy, Michael Oher, who becomes an NFL star.

Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips finds the discrepancy puzzling.

Find out why by clicking HERE to read more.

What do you think? Is the story of Blind Side easier to digest than Precious? Why or why not?

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