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Rap has been in a downward spiral for sometime. If this was the nineties when I was in love with Hip Hop it would be hard to make a Top 100 list. Still their were tons of dope Hip Hop songs in the 00s. Here’s my Top 10, for today at least.

10. “Ooh” by De La Soul Ft Redman. This song can rock a party and has some of my favorite lyricists of all time.

9. “I’m Black” By Styles P. Dope song about the realities and pride of being an African American. Sucks they didn’t make this a single.

8. “What You Know” by T.I. This song has a dope beat a dope hook and T.I. rides the beat impeccably.

7. “Home” by Kanye West. This is a dope love song for Chicago. It was supposed to be on College Dropout but he used the lyrics later for homecoming on Graduation.

6. “Killa Cam” By Cam’ron. This is Cam at his best, nonsensical gangsta rap nursery rhymes over a dope soulful beat.

5. “Get By Remix” By Talib Queli Ft. Mos Def, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes and Kanye West. The original was dope but he addition of Mos, Jay and Kanye put it over the edge.

4. “Hate It Or Love It” By The Game Ft. 50 Cent. Neither rapper has been as good as they where on this song. Rather than glorifying gangsterism like they do on other songs they actually look inwards for the causes of it.

3. “Heart Of The City” Jay-Z. It’s hard to pick my favorite song off the Blueprint but this one represents the whole album to me. Jay presents his rap veteran status and the hate that comes along with it perfectly over a soulful beat and hook.

2. “Got Yourself” By Nas. I thought Nas was done after “Takeover” but he came back hard and intelligent. This song represents his re-birth.

1. “Wishing” By Ed O G And Masta Ace. I wouldn’t have even heard this song if it wasn’t for the Boondocks. Truly dope song by two of rap’s best veterans with a positive message and a soulful beat.

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