The Hughes Brothers are denying the long standing rumor that Tupac beat them up. They are saying that they were jumped by a group of crips. Here’s what they said to Vibe magazine.

“The biggest misnomer is that me and Tupac got into any fight. It was me and 12 Crips that he got to jump me. He didn’t do shit,” Allen claims. “Tupac didn’t lay a hand on me. I had my hands on him. But there was not a physical fight between me and Tupac. It was a physical fight between me and 12 gangbangers. I believe they are called the Rolling 40s and they rolled me up pretty good.”

Allen adds: “Tupac was an artist. Tupac was not a gangbanger. Tupac could not fight to save his motherfucking life. I know that for a fact. He was an immensely gifted person and he was far, far, from a thug.” He lets out a deep sigh. “I think that’s just years of frustration that just came out.

Here’s Tupac Bragging About Beating Up The Hughes Brothers

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