On December 19th, Wu-Tang affiliate M-Eighty broke the Guinness world record for longest freestyle by spitting for 9 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.  The previous record of 8 hours and 45 minutes was set several years ago by Canadian emcee D.O.

M-Eighty spoke on his record breaking accomplishment afterwards:

“Today was an amazing feat and a marvelous accomplishment for myself as an artist and as a person. Right here, right now I have something that no one can take away from me or try to discredit.  I thank my many hip-hop inspirations and those who attended today’s event for allowing me to conquer this goal. I feel like I have finally done something that even the people who hate me have no choice but to respect and congratulate and that is a rare and good feeling.”

Cory Gunz’ Endless Rhyme

VINTAGE VIDEO: Tupac & Biggie Freestyle!

M-Eighty partnered with the International Studies Program at Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI) and the Timmy Foundation to raise $30,000.00 from the event with the ultimate goal of financing the construction of the first model Secondary school in Africa’s Bodo, Nigeria.

If you would help M-Eighty reach his $30k goal, donations can be made at the Timmy Foundation’s website,

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