10. Scarface. “The Fix” This album had it all dope production by Kanye West and Just Blaze, dope guest appearances by Nas and Jay-Z and great vivid music by one of the greatest story telling emcees this side of Slick Rick.

Stand Out Track “In Between Us” Featuring Nas

9. Young Jeezy “Thug Motivation 101.” This album epitomized both the glamorous and deadly sides of the cocaine game in ATL. Jeezy gave a voice to the BMF hustlers he was hanging with and the paranoia, violence and wealth that the game brought.

Stand Out Track “TRAP Star/Go Crazy”

8. Common “Be.” Kanye brought Common out of his lovey dovey funk and back to reality on this one. Great production by Ye and conscious, thoughtful and fun lyrics made this Common’s best work since “Resurrection.”

Stand Out Track “The Corner” Featuring The Last Poets

7. The Game “The Documentary”

Great production on this album from Dr. Dre, Cool And Dre, The Alchemist and Kanye West. The Game temporarily resurrected the west coast with this one.

Stand Out Track “Hate It Or Love It” Featuring 50 Cent

6. Outkast “Stankonia.” Great album with great production by the Dungeon Family, introspective lyrics from Andre and street talking from Big Boi. Both the production, subject matter and flow were all creative and risk taking.

Stand Out Track “Miss Jackson”

5. 50 Cent “Get Rich Or Die Trying.” This album had a good 6 singles and could have had more. From club anthems to diss songs, to love songs and songs of fear and paranoia, this album was truly complete.

Stand Out Track “If I Can’t”

4. Raekwon “Built Oly For Cuban Linx II” The best sequel to a classic since the Godfather II. A lyrical movie of cocaine hustling and ghetto strife, the album reunited the Wu at their finest and resurrected the Staten Island Dynasty and the 90s underground sound they perfected.

Stand Out Track “House Of The Flying Daggers”

Raekwon: House of Flying Daggers Official Music Video HD from Chain Gang Productions on Vimeo.

3. Kanye West “College Drop Out.” This album had great soulful beats and introspective, personal lyrics as Kanye proved you didn’t have to be a thug to rap. Topics from family relations, materialism, religion and his own accident kept the subject matter engaging if his flow hadn’t yet been perfected.

Stand Out Track “Family Business”

2. Nas “Stillmatic” In my opinion, his second best album to Illmatic. Nas returned to dope lyrics and concepts after a two album funk addressing all beefs and personal issues.

Stand Out Track “One Mic”

1. Jay-Z “The Blueprint”

Incredible production from Just Blaze and Kanye West, thoughtful, mature lyrics from Jay-Z with an immaculate flow Diss songs, personal songs, party songs and thoughtful songs make this album cover all the bases necessary for a truly classic album.

Stand Out Track “You Don’t Know”

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