Contrary to popular belief, Lil’ Wayne does have ceilings, and the ones in his Florida home are as high as Weezy usually is.

Lil’ Wayne let a camera crew into his three-level home which is on a private island in Miami Beach and you might be surprised at just how nice and tastefully decorated the house is!

Glad you asked… This 20,857 square foot house set Wayne back $14 million!  Each of the house’s nine bedrooms has its own bathroom.

This house is not to be confused with the Miami apartment Lil’ Wayne is having a hard time selling due to the stench of weed that lingers.

Lil Wayne Can’t Sell House Due To Weed Smell

Too bad Wayne will probably be living with this guy next year when he starts his prison bid on February 9th:

Lil Wayne Will Be In Jail Before Valentine’s Day 2010

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