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As we bear witness to the close of another year, the inevitable reflections occur.

I reflect on the supposed, presumed and possible premature Death of Autotune. Sure, we all know the Jay-Z record that more or less stuck a fork in the trend that had previously swept the Hip-Hop Nation through agents like T-Pain and the lesser acclaimed Ron Browz.

If Jay-Z was the one to kill Autotune, Flavor Flav came along and pee’d on the gravesite. Most fans don’t realize it, but the Public Enemy hype man is quite the musical prodigy that is very proficient in several musical instruments. He’s even got a few hit records, which were recorded under Public Enemy’s umbrella.

GALLERY: Flavor Flav Shops At 7-Eleven

The past be damned, Flav’s “I’ll Never Let You Go” makes Ron Browz’s “Jumping Out The Window” sound like a T-Pain classic. For this reason, we give Flavor Flav – not Jay-Z – the honor of decimating Autotune beyond recognition. Like, really…the Talk Box is going to have to come and identify the body.

Flavor Flav Heads Back To High School

Here is the song.

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