Slaughterhouse group member Crooked I tells Benzino that picking a fight with Royce and Slaughterhouse is a bad idea.

To catch you up on this  b.s., Slaughterhouse refused to do an interview with Hip-Hop Weekly, Benzino’s magazine. Benzino took offense and put out this interview:

Royce Da 5′9 Speaks On Signing To Shady, DUI and DJ Premier

Who Is The Ugliest Member Of Slaughterhouse?

Slaughterhouse Talks 2nd Album & 2010 Plans!

NEW VIDEO: Slaughterhouse – “The One”

and a lame diss record that not even Raekwon co-signed..

So now Crooked I has stepped in to defend his teammate. Some of you still reading may wonder why Slaughterhouse didn’t do the interview in the first place. Speculation is that because Royce’s manager is married to Zino’s arch nemesis, Kim Osorio, they didn’t want to get involved with his company.

I hope that this is the last that I’ll have to report on this, but I have a feeling it’s just going to escalate in 2010. (Props to Eskay.)

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