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Adult Swim has confirmed that Lil’ Wayne is indeed playing Jesus in the upcoming one-hour special, “Return Of Freaknik”, however he isn’t exactly playing the son of God.

A spokesperson for Adult Swim says that the rapper’s character in a one-hour cartoon special with the working title “Return of Freaknik” is not Jesus Christ per se, but just a guy named Jesus.Lil Wayne’s character is still evolving. All we can say is that he is named Jesus and not Jesus Christ.

The cartoon, which is being produced by fellow music maker T-Pain, is about a group of up-and-coming rappers who travel to Atlanta for a battle of the bands contest.


Weezy’s been tapped to provide the voice of Jesus in T-Pain’s upcoming Adult Swim cartoon, “Freaknik.”  The cartoon, which execs from Adult Swim and Cartoon Network premiered clips from at T-Pain’s Christmas party, stars T-Pain as the Ghost of Spring Break who brings the legendary Freaknik party back to Atlanta.

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Joining Weezy F Baby and T-Pain on the show are Andy Samberg of “Saturday Night Live,” Rick Ross and David Banner.

“Freaknik” premieres in March on Adult Swim.

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