We’re definitely living in crazy times, just ask Pitbull. Cuban-American MC recently took time out his busy schedule to talk to TheU rban Daily about his upcoming album, the second season of his mun2 sketch show “La Esquina” and his new website… all while still telling Latinos to vote!–KIRSY POLANCO

The Urban Daily: What inspired your video for “Krazy”?

Pitbull: Well the inspiration and the idea behind it came from the Hewlett-Packard commercial that Jay-Z had, as far as the whole hand and bringing up Jon’s face. Other then that, it spawned from a lot of commercials… Like the Cadillac commercial with the light and the cars coming thrrough. I just wanted people watching the video to be entertained and waiting to see what’s next.

What else can we expect from the new album?

Pitbull: As far as the new album, I’m just starting to work on it while I’m looking for a new [label] home. This is going to be my first album not on TVT. I would say this is going to be a classic album to really prove to the world what I been wanting to do for so many years. I feel I just got the chance to do it, so from this album you can expect a lot of energy and controversial lyrics–they might be a little politically incorrect.

TUD: What inspired him to launch the social network site,

Pitbull: The inspiration behind that was basically to keep a great relationship with the fans, to be more hands on with them. I wanted for them to also go on to my site and for me to be able to feed them — something for them to be entertained and also something that has a message behind it. On there right now, you have things that would make you laugh, things that are unbelievable but at the same time you have debates. You have different things that are going on with the presidential election right now that’ll keep them in tune with what’s going on.

TUD: How will the second season of “La Esquina” TV show on mun2 differ from the first season?

Pitbull: Really, there’s more similarities then there is differences. We’re just touching up on different topics. So, it’s basically almost the same, a little more tweaked and tuned up — just with different topics.

TUD: I noticed that Voto Latino is featured on PlanetPit. What’s your involvement with the organization?

Pitbull: My involvement with Voto Latino is just basically going out there and getting people to vote. I am just letting them know that there’s someone out there that they can relate to, that actually acknowledges and endorses the power of voting. It also means that sometimes in life people make the wrong decision or done the wrong thing, but I’ve turned everything negative and turned it into positive that’s why I feel the youth  can relate to me more when I’m talking about voting.

TUD: You also launched your Imaginate Foundation. What inspired you to launch the foundation?

PitbUll: Well what inspired me to launch that is just the fact that I seen kids that I grew up around or I feel were very smart, very sharp that never got the opportunity to go to the school that they wanted to go to, due to the neighborhood they were from or maybe because of their ethnicity, their culture or their background. I always thought if I ever had the chance to really help folks get into school or just follow their goals and follow there dreams, then I would fulfill that. That’s the whole inspiration behind the whole Imaginate Foundation.

TUD: So, as a political MC, who are you voting for? John McCain or Barack Obama?

Pitbull: Obam, Obama, Obama!

TUD: Why?

Pitbull: Why?! I’ll tell you why I do like Obama. I like him because he’s motivational, inspirational, sharp and I feel he has what’s best for what needs to be done for this country. He comes from nothing, so he knows what its like to have nothing. A lot of people are suffering from that right now in this country. As far as McCain, imaginate tu. There’s so many reasons why I wouldn’t vote for him, but he really just put the icing on the cake with the last debate. I always see him attacking Obama instead of attacking the issues, and that just goes to show. At the first debate when he did not even look at Obama. In my mind, some way, some how that was just–I don’t want to say this remark but “the racist” in him. “I can’t let this motherfucker… Hell naw! This is a debate… How dare he? I’m up here with a black guy?!?! Are you crazy?” And every time Obama would talk he wouldn’t look at him directly. He just had this little smirk on his face. I just felt like smacking the fucking shit out of him… but hey, that’s just my opinion.

TUD: Daddy Yankee said he was voting for McCain. What did you think about that?

Pitbull: That was a big joke. I would like to have a big debate with Daddy Yankee. First, he needs to get his English straight. Once he gets his English straight, we can make that happen. We can have one in Spanish too, because I’m fluent. But it’s funny for me… for someone to go up there and support McCain’s “immigration” laws when you don’t know anything about immigration. You’re from the United States of America — you’re from Puerto Rico. It’s a territory, you don’t need a passport to come into this country. So, right there… one of his publicist told him to talk about immigration because that’s how you’re going to pick up the Latins. Now, I can see a Mexican talk about immigration, even a Cuban knows about immigration. I couldn’t chew it much swallow it.

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