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When I first heard Juicy J’s new song “Get Yo Ass Robbed” I gave it the “WTF” stamp. (I know it’s a recession but damn, can’t we all just get along?) Then I had to take a moment to realize that songs about robbing people are as common in hip-hop as fat laces and Twitter beef. So I went digging and found the Top 10 Robbin’ ‘Hood Anthems I’ve ever heard. (also check my man Aqua Boogie’s Part 2 @ SlangRapDemocracy)

10)  Common, “Payback Is a Grandmother”

They robbed his grandma on the riverboat, son. ON THE RIVERBOAT!

9) Freeway, F/ Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel “What We Do”

“If the heat stop workin then my heat start workin…”

8) Raekwon F/”Slick Rick, GZA and Master Killer “We Will Rob You”

Yo, peep how Master Killer’s verse has NOTHING to do with getting robbed… 7) Gangstarr, “Just To Get a Rep” Turned the most sinister line the fun-loving Greg Nice ever said into a stick-up kids playbook.

6) Slick Rick, “Children’s Story” Bedtime stories haven’t been the same since.

5)Warren G, “Regulate” Word to OKP, but who gets out of a car to play dice with people they don’t know?

4) Mobb Deep, Shook Ones PT 2 “Ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks…”

3) 50 Cent, “How To Rob” Curtis let us know early that he was here to ruffle some feathers. Do you think this 50 Cent would rob his rich 2010 self?

2) TIE: Biggie, “Gimme Da Loot”/”Story To Tell”

Biggie gave the censors fits with the “I don’t give damn if you’re pregnant/ gimme the baby rings and the #1 mom pendant.” And who else could make you laugh about robbing some random dude from the New York Knicks?

1) M.O.P F/ Busta Rhymes, “Ante Up”

This song is as dangerous as it is great, because it makes even the softest school-teacher type want to grab a gat and “gun-but that fool!”


Ice Cube, “Jackin For Beats”

“Raise up, cuz you can’t have it back!”

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