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What’s scarier than Lil Kim without makeup? A McCain Presidency? Maybe. But this list of horrific hip-hop Halloween songs will have you clutching your eggs.

10. “Nightmares” by Dana Dane

This H.S. musical was definitely not for the Disney bunch. After several years it has been revealed that “Anita The Beast” is now living in Wasilla, Alaska.

9. “Nightmare on My Street” by The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff

The scariest thing about this track is that Will Smith actually got sued by Newline Cinema because the Fat Boys had their own sanctioned Freddy Kreuger rap, “Are You Ready For Freddy?”

8. “The Moment I Feared” Slick Rick

Disturbing (yet hilarious) tale of a wannabe hard rock that gets the American Me treatment after committing two murders.

7. “Confessions” Cam’ron

Sleeping with his aunt, peeing in his grandfather’s orange juice and raping a poodle scratch the surface of this demented rap.

6. “Mind Playin Tricks On Me” Geto Boys

The scariest thing out of Texas since George Bush Jr. and Sr.

5. “Suicidal Thoughts” Notorious B.I.G

Almost too realistic suicide call that established a trend for any artist signed to Bad Boy.

4. “Stan” Eminem

Forever part of the lexicon to label violent stalkers disguised as music fans-and magazine publishers.

3. “Shook Ones. Pt 2” by Mobb Deep

Thanks to the creepy ass Quincy Jones sample, you can dust this track for finger prints and link it to at least 5 bodies in Lefrak City.

2. “Many Men” by 50 Cent

Before he made it a fashion accessory, Curtis Jackson’s bulletproof vest was quite functional. “Death gotta be easy, cuz life is hard…”

1. “Diary of a Madman ” Grave Giggaz

Come on, the name says it all. R.I.P Poetic…

Honorable Mention:

Redman & Method Man, “Serial Killer

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