The Yonkers born-and-bred rapper known as Jadakiss has been forced to change the name of his upcoming solo album after receiving negative feedback from retailers. The album, formerly titled Kiss My Ass has been officially changed to The Last Kiss.

I had to change the name of my album,” explains ‘Kiss in an interview during a video show with The Best of Both Offices. “Kiss My Ass wasn’t testing well at retail. Not even with the exclamations or none of that. So, we had to switch it to The Last Kiss.”

The change left fans to feel that this was his way of signifying his retirement as a solo artist, but J-to-the-Mwah has been quick to dispel any rumors of his departure.

Some people asked me is it my last album. Nah, it’s just … the first album was Kiss The Game Goodbye, the second one was The Kiss of Death, so this one was The Last Kiss. It’s the closing of a trilogy… It’s the last time ‘Kiss’ is going to be in the album titles. This is why this is The Last Kiss.”

Jada plans to collaborate with Young Jeezy on a track and is a few songs away from finishing the album. He also may use Kiss My Ass for a nearly completed mixtape that he has plans to put out sometime in the very near future.

The Last Kiss will hit stores on December 9th.

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