Almost seven years ago David Lamb and his wife Jamillah created and produced the off-Broadway play, Platanos & Collard Greens. The romantic comedy tells the story of two college students, Freeman, an African-American man and Angelita, a Latino woman, both forced to confront and overcome cultural and racial prejudices while defending their bond from the biases held by family and friends. The modern-day Romeo & Juliet has since reached over 150,000 patrons and been performed in over 150 colleges and universities.

As a native of Queens, NY Lamb had a vested interest in the relations between his city’s Black & Latino community, specifically Haitians and Dominicans. In this interview with The Urban he shares his hope that in the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Haiti, the two communities will find reason to heal old wounds.

On Saturday January 30th the play will be hosting their first ever real live wedding following the performance! If you want to get a jump on Valentine’s Day click here for ticket info and show times!

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