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The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards broadcast will soon be are well under way.  Stay tuned to The Urban Daily to stay up-to-date with the latest information on the ceremony and to find out who won.  We’ll be updating this post all night, so keep refreshing for the latest info!

(Grammy video clips spotted at Mr. World Premiere, and Rap Radar)

8:01 PM – And we’re off, Lady Gaga‘s on stage wearing what looks like… I dunno what that is supposed to be.

8:03 PM – Lady Gaga and Elton John on duelling pianos… This will go down in Grammy history.

8:10 PMStephen Colbert‘s Susan Boyle crack was hilarious. “Justin Timberlake may have brought sexy back, but Susan Boyle sent it away again.”

8:12 PM – Song Of The Year nominees being announced. I’m putting my money on Beyoncé “Single Ladies” for the win.

8:12 PM – And the winner is… Beyoncé. Where’s my money?

8:13 PM – The Wrap It Up B music comes on just as The-Dream is about to say his thank yous… Score!

8:14 PMGreen Day’s American Idiot is a Broadway musical now?? When will Andrew Lloyd Webber start working on The Carter: The Musical?

8:19 PM – Wait, was that Keri Hilson singing with Green Day?

8:20 PMCeline Dion in the upcoming MJ tribute? I hope she tries to do the moonwalk.

8:24 PM – Country awards… bathroom break.

8:26 PMTaylor Swift wins whatever award that was. We’re looking for Kanye to come out and represent for George Strait.

8:28 PM – Some drunk guy introducing Beyoncé’s peformance.

8:29 PM – Let the oversinging begin! She’s performing “If I Was A Boy” and just did a crotch grab that looked about as natural as Nicki Minaj’s wig collection.

8:31 PM – Beyoncé’s doing Alanis Morrissette’s “You Oughta Know.” Will she sing the “go down on you in a theater” line? (waits for it) Nope :(

8:33 PM – Okay, she’s back to “If I Were A Boy.” Confused. WTF was the Alanis bit for? That didn’t really fit at all.

8:38 PM – Someone in the room just said “I wonder what Beyoncé’s scalp smells like when she takes off those wigs…” Uhhh… No!

8:40 PMSeal is introducing Pink‘s performance.

8:41 PMPink looks oddly like Brigitte Nielsen.

8:42 PM – Didn’t Pink already do this same performance at the VMA’s?? Pinque Du Soleil, as the homie DeePhunk just posted on Twitter. LOL

8:46 PM – Best new artist, aka Kiss Of Death, award… COME ON KERI HILSON!!!!!

8:47 PM – The winner: Zac Brown Band. Who? Oh, they’re a country act. They might survive this award then. Most other Best New Artist winners go on to have junky careers, but country fans tend to support their own to the end.

8:54 PMBlack Eyed Peas performance… Just when I thought they couldn’t have a song worse than “My Humps.” Fergie should be wearing Will.I.Am‘s face mask.

8:58 PM – This is like Black Eyed Peas: Beyond Thunderdome. Where’s Tina Turner?

9:04 PM – Great twitter comment: @DJShinobiShaw “You know what. Bjork was doing all this sh*t before all these people. Everybody bit Bjork.”

9:06 PMLady Antebellum performing. Not even gonna act like I know who they are.

9:09 PM – Best Comedy album award. Stephen Colbert wins. “The Colbert Report” is one of the funniest shows on television.

9:16 PM – Interesting that they’ll televise the Best Comedy Album award, but the majority of the R&B and Hip-Hop awards were not… I smell ‘cism!

9:17 PMRingo Starr & Norah Jones presenting Record Of The Year. I’m putting my money on Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling.”

9:18 PMKings Of Leon win. Surprising. I’m actually happy they won. Those guys are actually not bad. And they’re drunk too! Shout out to Mariah Carey!

9:20 PM – Was that “most self-important man” comment a diss towards Robert Downey Jr?

9:21 PM – LOL at Jamie Foxx‘s peformance intro. It would be ill if Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard, Forrest Whittiker, and Samuel Jackson came out.

9:23 PMT-Pain joins Jamie on stage…. and a random cameo from Doug E Fresh. This is probably the first time Doug’s been invited to the Grammy’s since 1988.

9:24 PMSLASH???? Guns N Roses’ Slash??? And what was up with the big girl they brought up? This might win for weirdest performance of the night.

9:26 PM – LOL at Justin Bieber. Did he really just say “Sorry Jay-Z, she is always on my mind” after accidentally saying Beyoncé instead of Bon Jovi? Oh, and sorry Ke$ha. You’re not even on my radar.

9:32 PMKaty Perry & Alice Cooper? This is actually a perfect match.

9:33 PMGreen Day say they are going to go do shots with Kings of Leon after winning Best Rock Album. That actually kinda sounds like fun… and probably the only way I’ll get through the rest of this ceremony. Yowsah.

9:35 PM – Best New Artist winners, the Zac Brown Band, doing “America The Beautiful.” Bathroom break time.

9:36 PM – LOL at Miss Info on Twitter. “Whenever the rockers or cowboys get onstage, all the rappers’ weedcarriers check twitter #iseeyourscreensglowing”

9:39 PM – Anyone else feel like heading to Wal-Mart to buy a gun???

9:40 PM – All snark aside, watch the Zac Brown Band’s chart position on Billboard this week….

9:46 PMTaylor Swift and Stevie Nicks, so much for the rumors of Kanye being her special guest….

9:49 PM – Whoaaaa Taylor… you need Kanye to bring you some auto-tune! Stevie Nicks is holding it down though.

9:51 PM – Can we just get to the Michael Jackson tribute already??? This Taylor Swift performance has gone on long enough.

9:52 PMLionel Richie introducing the MJ tribute. Sneaky This Is It DVD plug, Lionel.

9:54 PMCeline Dion, Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, & Usher taking the stage…. and my 3D glasses are working. Whoot!

9:56 PM – Celine Dion’s nose is right in my face. I’m gonna have nightmares. If she comes out of my TV like that girl in The Ring, i’m shutting this down for the night.

9:59 PM – Wow, that was… anti-climactic. My eyes are all messed up now.

10:01 PM – Mike’s kids Prince & Paris are speaking. Prince’s voice is four octaves deeper than Mike’s.

10:08 PM – I just booed Universal Music Group head honcho Doug Morris who inexplicably got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame even though no one outside of the music industry knows who he is.

10:09 PMJon Bon Jovi probably hasn’t aged in about 15 years. I wonder who his plastic surgeon is.

10:14 PM – Apparently T-Pain was really excited to hear Bon Jovi do “Livin On A Prayer.”

10:16 PMMos Def and Placido Domingo. Nice pairing! And they’re giving the award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. “Run This Town” is gonna win.

10:18 PM – I called it! “Run This Town” wins.

10:19 PMJay-Z and Rihanna bring Solange‘s son Juelz on stage for their acceptance speech. His acceptance speech was the best. Rihanna asks if he wants to say anything. He says “No thanks.”

10:24 PM – Is it me or did the earthquake in Haiti make Wyclef relevant again?

10:26 PMMary J Blige & Andrea Bocelli about to do the classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” There’s about to be some SANGING going on. Keri Hilson, take note.

10:36 PM – This is the boring part of the awards ceremony where the NARAS, the organization behind the Grammy’s, pat themselves on the back. Wait, this whole ceremony is people patting themselves on the back!

10:39 PM – It’s time for the annual anti-illegal downloading speech, even though the record labels often send out MP3s to bloggers hoping that they will post them… #BlowingUpSpots

10:42 PMDave Matthews Band on stage. Y’all know Dave is African right? South African.

10:44 PM – Dave Matthews Band has more people on stage than a hip-hop concert. And they all belong there!

10:46 PM – Y’know, I forgot this was an awards show… Female Pop Vocal Performance award goes to Beyoncé for “Halo.”

10:54 PMLL Cool J looking pretty dapper, and his pant leg isn’t rolled up.

10:55 PMMaxwell & Roberta Flack? Did I hear that right????

10:56 PM – Solid performance of “Pretty Wings,” Max! Show these cats how it’s done bruh!

10:57 PM – I still change the lyrics to “Chicken Wings” though. Sorry.

10:58 PM – TILT!!!! Roberta Flack & Maxwell are doing “Where Is The Love?” HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT, EASILY!!!!

11:00 PM – Roberta, I love you, but I’m getting a bit of a Miss Piggy vibe….

11:01 PM – Now the annual “In Memoriam” segment. Always a bit of a downer, and always reminds me of a few folks I forgot about. :(

11:02 PM – I kinda doubt that DJ AM wants to be remembered as being part of Crazy Town

11:04 PMJeff Beck on guitar. One of the best players to ever pick up the instrument. Do the knowledge.

11:05 PM – Whoever this girl is singing is not even trying to make it look like she’s not lip synching.

11:12 PM – Random Quentin Tarantino appearance. Introducing the Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Travis Barker performance.

11:13 PM – 95% of Lil Wayne’s performance was bleeped out. Thank you.

11:15 PM – Now we are seeing why they don’t televise more rap awards and performances… Mofos can’t keep their performances TV friendly.

11:17 PM – Wait a minute… there are no needles on the DJ’s turntables. Busted!

11:18 PM – Kudos to James Poyser of The Roots for the best tweet about this performance: “BET Awards are on…”

11:25 PMJohn Legend & Carlos Santana about to present the last award of the evening, Album Of The Year. Dave Matthews Band has this one. Or maybe Taylor Swift.

11:26 PMTaylor Swift wins it. Not totally surprised, well maybe a little surprised. Kanye again is nowhere in sight to defend Beyoncé’s honor.

11:27 PM – I’m just glad that Black Eyed Peas didn’t win.

11:29 PM – And the show is over! Thank God!  That was torture.

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