Keeping with the theme of change, the weekend is spent usually doing something outside of the house! With that said, What to Watch will be bringing you the top three must watch programs for the weekend of November 7th-9th!


Little Britain USA, HBO, 8:00pm

This off-brand comedy courtesy of two blokes from across the pond has found laughs from sea to shining sea. But on this first season-finale, the stylish show finds their characters getting ready for a sleepover, Emily Howard gets a blind date and George and Sandra celebrate another holiday. Really funny and creative stuff that will have you laughing out your seat!


What Not To Wear, TLC, 9:00pm

GIANT Magazine’s Market Editor Kenyatta Smith is in plans of helping me learn this phrase very much so. But in the mean time/in-between time, you can check out this hilarious episode where a thrift store diva gets made into a real life one on What Not To Wear. Now, if only I can just get my own swag game poppin’ then I’ll be able to turn some heads too!


Best Week Ever, VH1, 11:00pm

To wrap up the week that has seen Obama become the President of the United States, lose his grandmother and the hopes of millions wash over the country – VH1’s Best Week Ever – will still have it’s unique sense of humor. I haven’t had the chance to check this out, but this one will be one to watch.



Talk to Me, Cinemax, 7:00pm

Don Cheadles gives the Civil Rights movement a jolt of energy and excitement as Washington, D.C. deejay/activist, Petey Greene. It sucks that the radio legend did not get a chance to live to see how his contribution helped to change D.C., but you can see the blueprint on Saturday at 7:00pm. Pretty good movie…


50 Cent: The Money and The Power, MTV, 9:00pm

Curtis may have had a hard time in the rap game since being defeated by Kanye West, but the Queens-bred bully still knows how to turn the power of a dollar into gold. With fourteen contestants all at Fiddy’s beckon call, the competition is to see who can win $100,000 to go into their own entrepreneurial business. In my opinion, 50 needs to have something to put his G-Unit brand upon…

Illegal Tender, HBO, 11:00pm

A Latino college student and his mother stand up to the gangsters who murdered the boy’s drug dealing father years earlier. Kind of a Debbie Downer, but it’s something to watch if you want to turn in for the night.


Employee of the Month, Showtime, 6:00pm

A cashier and stock-boy compete for the chance to date their store’s sexy new cashier. This hilarious flick starring Dane Cook, Dax Shepard and Jessica Simpson was hilarious when it first hit the theaters. If you can get pass Dane’s obvious humor flaws and Andy Dick’s wack jokes – then Employee of the Month is for you…

Dexter, Showtime, 9:00pm

Miguel targets a new victim for Dexter. Both are not sure that the new victim is up to Harry’s code. Meanwhile, an elderly and deathly ill friend of Dexter’s asks the cold-blooded killer to assist him in her suicide. The bullmalarkey hits the fan on Sunday and you can be there to check it out. This is a very good show.


Family Guy, Adult Swim, 11:00pm

Quagmire moves in with the Griffin’s after losing his job for crash-landing his plane. Naturally, it being Peter’s fault, but this show full of awesomeness gives the fans something to relax to before going back to work on Monday. Quagmire, Peter and Stewie – funtastical!


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