As I am a lover of Nissan vehicles, I already have a high appreciation and expectation of their cars, so when I was asked to test drive the new 2010 Altima 3.5 SR, I jumped at the opportunity to find out what Nissan is up to for the new year.

Of course, the first impression will always be the look of the car and after seeing it for the first time, I just KNEW I would look great in it, so The Altima captured my attention right away before I even stepped in the car. When I did enter the Altima, the interior was what I expected and I looked around for all the features and goodies and I noticed the dashboard loaded with the GPS Navigation system, the radio, DVD player and I was ready to roll!

With my job, I have to be on the move shuffling between interviewing celebrities, organizing events and of course, going to the office. What helps me in my day to day are the features in the Altima that makes my life easy. Of course, the ride itself is great, cruising the city streets was great as it felt like riding on a magic carpet. But what stood out the most for me, especially being that this occurs during my work day, was the tools included in the car. The GPS Navigation System helped get me to the various destinations I needed to be. As I was on my way to have a follow up meeting with an artist I interviewed, I was able to view the rough edits, on the DVD player (located on the dashboard) of an interview I conducted with the artist. When I arrived at the meeting, the edits were fresh on my mind and the meeting went much better based on me being able to look at the DVD in the car!

My overall experience with the Altima made my day much easier and I thank the Altima SR 3.5 for helping my day be productive!

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