Today is November 4th and everyone is running around trying to cast their vote for their favorite candidate. The hype has been fueled by the Obama machine and has caught wildfire sending the entertainment industry, political climate – hell, the world into overdrive. But if the Chicago senator does win… then what?

I have a dream that the nation will be changed and the leader of this movement will be because of the people, as much as it is because of Barack Obama. When the polls finally close, it will signify a close of the Bush Administration and the thrill is exciting! But with everyone catching politico fever – what is there to look forward to?

Lightskin Negroes Back In Style:

People have been harping on us since El Debarge fell off and Wesley Snipes was in. With Obama in office, girlies will rip down those posters of Chris Brown and fall for the grown black man status that Madelyn Dunham’s grandbaby exudes. Us light-skin folks will be on every woman’s kiss-list when they know that the future president isn’t the only one who’s charismatic, well-spoken, has a good job and is educated.

Rappers Paying More Taxes:

Young Jeezy may have had The Recession, but it’s the people who are currently going through it. And while it may be all smiles on 106 & Park, the streets are looking to make a come-up in a not-so-nice way. After Obama takes that oath of office though, look for folks to start pawning jewels to make up for the tax increases that they’ll have to pay. Hell, you never wondered why Jay-Z is cutting off all those dependants?

Better Lovin’:

We livin’ in a climate of “bust it, babies” and the thugs who love ’em have nothing more creative to say than that. So, with Michelle being the First Lady, respect is due – off rip! Hopefully the trickle down theory works and the relationships between black men and women regain some modicum of admiration, passion and respect that seems to have fallen by the wayside over the years.


The debate is there… some want it, others don’t… Spike Lee brought it out full-blast in the only way he could with 40 Acres and a Mule being the catalyst to some classic works of art. But will black people be compensated for the labor that they’ve put in to creating this country? As long as it doesn’t go full-blown Chappelle skit status, I wouldn’t mind getting a healthy check, but as soon as we get it – then Bush’s getcha-gotcha would be enacted and USD would be changed into Ameros – still keeping us broke. Eff Bush on the real!


We’ve been whipped, beaten, hung, shot, stabbed and in our own Machiavellian way – we’ve managed to survive. From Bed-Stuy to Botswana, it’s hard not to make a plea for the cause of black folks everywhere and the struggle that has been fought for since Lord knows when, but if we look back at history to see what Nelson Mandela did for the self-esteem of his people, then Barack Obama could finally shut the door on the stereotypes that have plagued black America.

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