We haven’t done much about the Joe Budden And Tahiry show relationship and break up. Still it’s gotten a lot of play on the internet. The latest thing to come up is that Joe Budden admitted he physically attacked Tahiry after he found out she had a relationship with another guy in an interview with Angela Yee.

I mushed the shit out of her fucking ass. And I think she was asking to get mushed. She was dead caught cheating and I was fresh off tour and I was like ‘What’s up? You’re caught, you’re busted.

She was wilin. I’m big on body language. You know, when you’re with somebody for so long. You know them. So I came home and she was wilin’ and she drinks every night. She needs an AA meeting probably. She was drunk, she was wilin, big argument, then I found out she was cheating when she went to sleep.

It led to where the evidence was laying next her on the bed clear as day…She didn’t wanna come clean. She was going and then said something so outrageous to me. She said ‘Tell me what you know’ and she got her fucking face mushed all the way to the other side of the room.

For those unfamiliar with the term “mush.” It means to push someones face.


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