Normally I don’t look forward to rappers beefing. Mostly because someone could end up killed and the rappers are setting a bad example to their young fans. But I’m looking forward to seeing Canibus go at it with KRS-One. Both of them are very talented, intelligent rappers with a knack for battling who will keep their battle on the mic without shooting up their houses, taking pictures with their children or releasing sex tapes of their baby mothers.

In case y’all don’t know Canibus was popular in the late nineties and famously battled LL Cool J and KRS-One is possibly the greatest rapper of all time.

Here’s what Canibus had to say about KRS-One in a new song with Keith Murray.

“How many emcees must get dissed, before somebody whispers don’t f**k with Bis (this is a jacked lyric from one of KRS-One’s old songs)/My Survival Skills surpass Kris, watch this / You got a rap for every emcee? GO GET IT THEN /Why you d*ck ride Def Jam, they not your friend / Make your mind up, I thought you was not with them / F***ing comedy, speaking on flawed philosophy / You’ll never give props to Keith Or Canibus for Undergods release / Go right ahead, dismiss it / We ain’t submissive, we spit lyrical lyrics / I got the right to live off it, I live it And I’mma voice my opinion, can’t nobody make me think different / My spirit feels like it’s in a prison / I speak on the music conspiracy but nobody wanna listen.”

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