I was going to post a thirty second clip of Jay-Z and LeBron James talking to kids in Dallas. Jay-Z didn’t really say anything important at all. The thing is though, we can’t just have kids wanting to be “Ballers and Rappers.” Out of every million kids who plays basketball only 10 might make the NBA and out of every million kids who raps, 3 might get a record deal.

So while it is cool to play ball and rap, there are several other more plausible ways to make it than the NBA and the rap game. When I was a teacher all of my students said they were going to be in the NBA. None of them even played college ball. So Jay-Z and Lebron are cool but “We’re Not Just Ballers And Rappers” nor should we aspire to be. Obama is a good example how you can be successful without rapping, selling crack rock or having a wicked jumpshot.

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