On Christmas morning 2002 Keke Wyatt was getting decked in her halls and she wasn’t going to take it anymore.

After enduring abuse from her then husband Rahmat Morton, she picked up a pairing knife and stabbed him repeatedly in fear of her life.

“Yes, I did stab him but it was with a pairing knife,” she tells “If I’d stabbed him with a machete he’d be dead. ”

Despite the turmoil she went back to him and even had two more children. But eight years later she’s finally had enough. After suffering one last attack she filed for divorce.

“I’m out of that situation now. You think it’s going to get better and it never gets better,” she says. “This last time I thought my life was over.”

Now she is focusing her attention on her new CD, Who Knew, being released on Shanachie records. The new first single of the same shows off the powerful voice that fans have adored since her duet with Avante, “My First Love.” But while she has made a name for her collaborations Wyatt insists that this CD is “all her.”

In this exclusive interview Keke shares the journey of the last ten years and implores fans and observers, “not to judge me.”

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