I’ve been really skeptical about this remake of the classic 1984 film, The Karate Kid that stars Will Smith’s son Jaden and Jackie Chan from the day I first heard about it.

After seeing the new full-length trailer, I’m still pretty sketpical, but it doesn’t look to be as bad as I originally figured it would be.

They didn’t set out to remake movie shot for shot, character for character, but a lot of the plot points remain the same.

  • The Karate Kid is the new kid in town (or in this case, the country)
  • The maintenance man is the kid’s teacher
  • The teacher uses everyday actions to teach Kung Fu (not Karate!) to the kid.

I’m confused as to why Jackie Chan is teaching Kung Fu to Jaden Smith in a movie called The Karate Kid.  It may seem like a minor gripe, but Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art, and Karate was developed in Japan with a different technique.

It may be nitpicking, but I can already tell that there will be a backlash in the martial arts community over this!

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