No idea’s original, that’s for certain.

Kanye West just relaunched his blog at and one of the first things you’ll see when you visit is a picture of his girlfriend, Amber Rose.

If her pose looks familiar to you, you’re probably over the age of 25.

She’s in the same pose as a famous Grace Jones picture from the early 80s.

So who rocked it better???

I gotta give the nod to Grace Jones who looks a bit more uhhh…. graceful in her pose.

Kudos to Amber for giving it a shot… she’s got a nice shape on her. I had no idea her thighs were like that, but I say Amber should hit up a few more yoga classes then try again.

What do you think???

And please, don’t let this turn into a light-skinned/dark-skinned debate in the comments.  It’s 2010 fercryinoutloud!!!!!!!  We off that!

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