By her tweets, I’m guessing that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is an STD. I have never had the ninja turtle but I had a splinter once. Well here’s Khia’s tweets about Trina.

She Wasnt Aggitated Cause They Played My Song That Itch Flared Up And She Couldnt Scratch It In Front Of Her Fans LMAO Opss My Bad

Rash My Ass That Bitch Skins Raised Up Like Death Becomes Her Run For Ur Life That Sperm He Skeeted On Her Had To Much Acid Burn That Whore

Now I Told Yall Last Week About Freaks Taking Naked Pics Wit They Cell Phone Now K-Trina Down Got Caught Show Casing Her Infected Ass P***y

Hurricane K-Trina P***y Done Been Thr So Many Storms And Sperm Showers Her P***y Is A Refugee LMFAO

I Told Yall She Had That Nasti Womens Disease And She Tryin To Diss A Hoe Bitch Been Dismissed Demoted And Is A Discraze To The Human Race

That Trick Got That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


UPDATE: Trina Very Upset About Photo Leak, Wants FBI To Investigate

Trina Wants To Adopt A Haitian Child

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