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Actress Regina King says she finds herself asked about her work on Adult Swim’s cartoon The Boondocks more than anything else she’s worked on.

“Actually more than any other project that I have done, that’s the one that I get asked about the most,” King revealed. “For a show to take two and half year hiatuses and people still want it to come back, that’s big,” she told AOL’s BV Newswire

With post-production finally underway on the show’s third season, King, who voices the show’s lead characters Riley and Huey,  finds herself a excited and frustrated about the long delay.

“I am so happy that it is coming back,” King told BV Newswire, but added, “I wish there was some Web site that people could send [a message] to Sony [Television Entertainment] … and say ‘What are youThe Boondocks Aaron McGruder doing?'” she charged.

“‘Boondocks could be so bigger than what it is,” the former ‘227’ actress furthered. “If I had the money to buy ‘The Boondocks’ off Sony, I would because all of you would be wearing ‘Boondocks’ T-shirts and there would be Huey and Riley dolls. I would capitalize off of that, and I would be a very rich woman.”

Show creator, Aaron Macgruder recently confirmed on Twitter that the show will begin airing its third season on May 2nd.

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