You know what they say:”You aren’t somebody until somebody talks about you.”

Well that isn’t quite how the qoute goes, but rumors keep the people talking about you long after your music does. (How else did you think Yung Berg stays a float?)

We are neither confirming or denying the truth we’re just laughing our heads off just like you.

1. “Ciara is a man”

Does this really look like a man to you? Well one irate fan has her back [click to watch defense video]

2.”Camron has AIDS, that’s how he lost all that weight”

Cam actually went on record saying he has IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which caused his weight loss. We’re guessing that has to be true cuz who on earth would admit that AND make a song about it?

3. “Vivica A Fox is a stalker.”

50 and Vivica thought this was so funny that he cast her as a jealous stalker in his video for “Think About Me.”

4.”Trey Songz is gay.”

Trey Invented Sex (with a woman) how could he be gay?! Unlike most artists he actually spoke about this rumor with Angela Yee (click for video)

5. “Bow Wow impregnated SuperHead.”

Impossible- Bow Wow is a virgin! *rimshot*

6. Kanye West Had A Threesome With Amber Rose & Nicki Minaj

We could totally see this one happening, but we’re guessing Amber ran the show.

7. “Plies is a minute man”

Welp, maybe that’s true- (lol)

8.”Diddy is gay”

At least according to Super Head’s book he is!

9. “Amil works at Target”

That would just plain suck!

10.”Yung Berg’s chain was on Craigslist for $25″

Actually, I heard that one too!

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