Janet Jackson serves as executive producer on a forthcoming documentary on a group of transgendered men living as women in New York City.

“T” is a slice-of-life documentary film that uses the mythic landscape of New York City to explore the lives of twelve male to female transsexual women as they uniquely and personally define what it means to be “T”.

Set against a backdrop of their peers and taking place in a world and a society slow to grasp the change in the gender landscape, “T” is an unprecedented and unflinching look deep into the souls and lives of these women of courage and self determination, women who, just like so many others, long for the promise of the American dream but so often find that promise unfulfilled – whether by choice or circumstance.

Some choose sex work, others work 9 – 5. Some are going to school, while others learn from the streets. “T” will take us into the lives of these women at a time when so much is possible for transsexual women and yet so much seems out of reach. It’s a time of hope, but also of frustration. It’s a time where some will rise and, sadly, some will fall. It’s a time whose time has come.

Watch the trailer at the film’s official site.

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