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Coincidences abound and there is nothing really new under the sun, but there are some similarities you simply can’t ignore. Since 2003 the play “Platanos & Collard Greens” has entertained over 150,000 patrons with its story of forbidden love between two college students, Freeman, an African-American man and Angelita, a Latino woman. So when the trailer for “Our Family Wedding” debuted it raised a few eyebrows.

Granted, there have been films about interracial dating since 1967’s Guess Whose Coming To Dinner and the theme of lovers with family feuds is nothing  new (you may have heard about this guy William Shakespeare and his little play “Romeo & Juliet”). But with its very specific Black/Latino conflict and mothers catching heart attacks there is a little bit of deja vu going on with “Family Wedding” and “Platanos.”

In this clip the co-creator of “Platanos And Collard Greens”, David Lamb, shares his feelings on the movie, its similarities to his play and if Hollywood could get ever get interracial relationships right.


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