Oh what fun a vacation can be! But let’s be real, sometimes you don’t realize the damage you’re doing to yourself until the pictures come back!

It was all good just a week ago but now you’re embarrassed because you fell out on the side of the road from alcohol poisoning. So here’s a list of some things you should remember to do and not do!

DO go away on a vacation with your friends. Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, and Cancun make great locations to take a break from school or work.

DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT walk around outside like this:

DO share a room or condo with your friends to cut costs.

DO NOT pack thirty people into a double occupancy room:

DO take plenty of pictures for great memories:

DO NOT embarrass yourself by getting caught like this:

DO bring your best bathing suits:

DO NOT walk around like this:

Not Appropriate!

Do post up on the livest block with your dudes, and bag all the ladies walking by.

DO Not get your a** arrested!

DO take the moment to catch your favorite celeb’s walking down the street

DO NOT think you are a celeb and try and pull this outfit off:

DO drink up:

DO NOT overdo it and end up like this:

Last but not least:

DO have a blast NOW because once you’re old going out on these vacations either turns into “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” or “The Hangover.”

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