The man who used to claim that he was “#1 at the bank” seems to be #1 most wanted by the Carver County Tax Payer Services Department in Minnesota!

PRN Music Corporation, located at Prince’s Paisley Park complex, was listed as being late on $221,898 worth of property taxes.  According to the Chaska Herald, that was by far the largest amount of delinquent taxes in the county.

According to the Carver County Taxpayer Services Department, taxes were delinquent for that parcel starting on May 15, 2009. The current market value for that parcel is listed at $6.5 million.  The annual property tax for 2009 was $194,642 and half of that amount was due in May. The second half payment, due in October, also hasn’t been paid. As a result of the delinquency, more than $27,000 in penalties and $5,000 in interest has been added to the tax bill.

According to tax records, taxes on the parcel were also delinquent in 2006 and 2008. As a result, more than $7,000 in penalties were added to the tax bill at that time. Those have been paid off, according to the Carver County Taxpayer Services Department.

“Prince R Nelson” and “Paisley Park Enterprises Inc.” were also listed as owners of 11 other parcels in Chanhassen with current delinquent taxes. Several of the parcels currently have no buildings on them.

Hopefully this isn’t indicative of the state of Prince’s total financial portfolio, as he’s pulled in quite a bit of money from tours and a string of independent releases that he claims are incredibly profitable for him despite what would be considered lackluster sales for an artist on a major record label.

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