Break, hiatus, disappearance, whatever you want to call it, when a good artist goes away for a long enough time we yearn for their reemergence. This list consists of both sucky comebacks and good ones, hey we even rated them for you!

The rating system is a cool 1-5. The higher the number the better the comeback. The artist will be rated on the comeback success, how long their buzz lasted, and how bad we wanted them to be back in the game.

Maxwell first appeared on the scene in 1996 with his Grammy nominated Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite. It went two times platinum and captured over audiences in a fairly new genre of music: neo-soul. After the release of Now in 2001, it took Maxwell eight years to make a “comeback” with BLACKsummers’ Nights. It debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Charts and sold 316,000 copies in its first week. “Pretty Wings” became the summers anthem and the album went on to win two grammys. The album went platinum and was his fourth release to do so!

Rating: 3.8

Maxwell made a great comeback but his buzz only lasted throughout the summer, not good enough for a perfect score but very close to it!

Sade is an English band that came out in the 80’s. They were named after their lead singer Sade Adu. Their first single “Your Love Is King” has gone over four times platinum. Sade performed at the Live Aid at Wembley Stadium, being the first African-born artist to do so.  Sade had retired around the 2000’s but after ten years, dropped “Soldier Of Love.” It was very well received, and sold over 500,000 copies in its first week. It topped the Billboard charts, Smooth Jazz countdown, and Urban Hot AC. Their second single Baby Father will be released in April. Sade has sold over 25 million records worldwide.

Rating: 4.0

With so many accomplishments I couldn’t imagine Sade making less of a spectacular comeback!

“Somebody’s rocking, knocking the boots!” In 1993 H-Town released their album “Fever For Da Flavor” which went platinum and topped the Billboard charts.Their two albums after both went gold. After severing ties with their original label Luke Records in 1996, H-Town went on a spiritual search. They finally returned in 2010 with “Knocking Them Heels Off.”


Um, not quite sure about this one. Maybe they should have stayed away and left their “Knocking The Boots, It’s A Thin line Between Love And Hate” legacy as it was.

Ke Ke Wyatt is probably most famous for her work with platinum artist Avant, and stabbing her husband. Her single “Nothing In This World” hit number 4 on the Billboard charts and her album Soul Sista went certified gold.  Her second and third albums were shelved leading to what seemed like such a long hiatus. Ke Ke released “Who Knew” in 2010 and it debut at number 35 on The billboard Charts.

Rating: 2.0

She made it her business to stop by Black Planet so she gets a higher rating than H-Town!

Sisqo, Nokio, Jazz and Woody made up Dru Hill. A group from B-Moore Maryland who went on to sell over 5 millions records. Though Sisqo had a successful solo career, and the group fluctuated members several times, Dru hill is still together. They have set their album to release on June 29, 2010 with their single “Love MD”

Rating: 2.5

Right smack dab in the middle because their album hasn’t come out yet, and they can still do great things!

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