I love my female MC’s like anyone heterosexual lover of hip-hop, but has Prop 8 gone so far as to making the marriage between Monie Love, Lady of Rage and the microphone… illegal…? You be the judge…

Jonah Weiner – please save your elementary giggles for the end – wrote this very illuminating piece about the plight of female rappers in the wonderful world of hip-hop. The two-page piece on does well to muse over the history of notable women in the game, but saves glowing praise for one who’s escaped hip-hop’s boundaries by redefining them.

This winter, Queen Latifah is set to release her eighth album—her first to feature rapping since 1998. As her star has risen in Hollywood, onetime collaborators Monie Love and KRS-One have given way to Steve Martin and Diane Keaton, and her most recent LPs have consisted of jazz standards and classy throwback ballads. The hip-hop world spins quickly, and you wonder whether she can avoid disappearing with a quick, irrelevant fizzle upon re-entry.

Wanna know if she can hang with the changing times in the music industry via the rap game? Check out Jonah’s piece entitled, Ladies! I Can’t Hear You! No, Really, I Can’t Hear You!

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