Hip-hop may have a love affair going on with Obama, but the E-streets still have something to say!

Blogging site – What Hip-Hop Loves To Hate? – is dedicated to voicing the opinions about many of the things that hip-hop – over time – has grown to both love and completely wished destroyed (…like the word ‘swagger’…).

Topics such as catch phrases, Internet thugs and T-Pain are a few of the things discussed. Whether you love it or hate it, hip-hop will still be around as long as sites like The Urban Daily and What Does Hip-Hop Love To Hate? are around to challenge the “norms” of the culture we all cherish so dearly. What Hip-Hop Loves To Hate is a site dedicated to the many things that Hip-Hop over time has grown to both love and completely detest. It is an ode to the history of one of the strongest cultures worldwide…and by far one of the most fickle.

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