The attorney for Michael Jackson said yesterday (November 18th) that the pop star might be too sick to fly to London to testify for his breach-of-contract lawsuit case where he owes an Arab sheikh millions of dollars.

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Jackson’s camp is seeking to give his testimony by video link from the United States.

“It would be unwise for him to travel, given what’s he’s got now,” lawyer Robert Englehart said, declining to elaborate “for the obvious reasons.”

Al Khalifa’s lawyer, Bankim Thanki, called Jackson’s submitted medical evidence “very unsatisfactory” and argued his illness could be treated with a bandage “if the diagnosis is positive.”

“It’s not the first time a sick note has been presented by Mr. Jackson,” Thanki said, also without elaborating.

The judge, Nigel Sweeny, said he would decide the matter Thursday to allow time for medical experts on both legal teams to talk.

Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the second son of the king of Bahrain, claims that Jackson reneged on a contract for an album, an autobiography and a stage play, after accepting $7 million from the sheikh.

Al Khalifa also claims he spent $2.2 million for Jackson to produce a song in aid of the victims of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina – but he failed to turn up for the final recording session. He also alleges he gave Jackson financial support, paying his living and travel expenses during his stay in Bahrain following his child molestation trial.

Jackson’s lawyer denies the claims, insisting their agreement was not valid and that Al Khalifa’s case is based on “mistake, misrepresentation and undue influence.”

Meanwhile, Fox411 columnist Roger Friedman wrote of Jackson’s alleged illness Tuesday: “If this is like his famous “spider bite” from his 2003 trial in Santa Maria for another breach of contract, Justice Sweeney should be suspicious. A very inside source insisted to this column years ago that the ‘spider bite’ was caused by other activities and that no insects were involved. And of course, Michael famously tried to get out of his child molestation trial a couple of times by going to the hospital — once in his pajamas. Of course, Justice Sweeney should be suspect if Jackson’s “doctor’s note” comes from one Dr. Tohme Tohme. That’s Michael’s publicist, not his physician.”


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