Hey, are you 35 and don’t have a record deal yet? Do you think Soulja Boy spits hot fire? Do you follow more friends on twitter than you have followers? Well this post may be directed towards you.

It seems like wack rappers don’t know they’re wack, in fact they seem to think they’re the s**t! We call this denial people. Let’s see what things you should avoid if you are a rapper, but let’s also observe and take into account if most of these signs apply to you.

10. Do you wear a lot of costume jewelry, you know- chains with the rhinestone mic or dollar sign.

9. When you walk into peoples house do you see your mixtape underneath someone’s drinking cup?

8. Do you think P.Diddy is a great lyricist?

7.Must all your raps rhyme like a Dr. Seuss book?

6. Did you shoot yourself to create some street cred.?

5. Did you “big up” Yung Berg in one of your songs?

4. Did you go on 106& Park for Freestyle Friday and lose, after 2008?

3. Do you wear shades in the club and throw dollar bills in the crowd when Jim Jones “Ballin” comes on?

2. Are you still trying to create a gimicky dance like “The Jerk” to help sell your single?

1. Are you cursing me out because you take a real offense to this post?

Maybe you need to listen to a few more Hove bars, or Eminem lyrics. Throw in some Biggie too, and if you dare to go there- listen to Pac! There’s still time to change people, don’t feel discouraged!

UPDATE: Rapper Young Berg Denies Getting Pistol Whipped & robbed Again

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