(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z is going to bat against Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz for naming a club in the Dominican Republic after the rapper’s 40/40 Club.

According to Reuters, Ortiz is illegally operating a Forty/Forty club on the island, in addition to running the domain name

Ortiz’ club opened in October of this year, while Jay-Z’s first 40/40 location in New York opened in June of 2003.

Jay-Z and his business partner Juan Perez own and operate 40/40 Clubs in New York, Atlantic City and Las Vegas, with plans to open more clubs in Tokyo and Macau.

The superstar rapper claims Ortiz is capitalizing on the fame and value of the club, by using the name according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court earlier today (April 15th).

Has David Ortiz even been to the 40/40 Club in NY? Find out at

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