Would Jay-Z ever come out imitating his wannabes like Angelous, Sacario or even Fabolous? Nope. So why is Lil Kim all of a sudden trying to be Nicki Minaj?

Dear Lil’ Kim,

As a Brooklynite and hip-hop fan I’ve watched you go through some serious changes over the years.

I’ve seen you take lumps for being a high profile mistress and even did jail time for not being a snitch. Your relationship with Biggie left you so mentally scarred that you took to lightening your skin and cutting up your face to look like the lighter-skinned women he chose over you, Faith Evans and Charlie Baltimore.

When he died we know it affected you the most on both a personal and career level. He was your mentor and your muse. You didn’t sound the same after he left for obvious reasons, but you kept at it and nobody faulted you for it.

You pimped Scott Storch for a Bentley and beats, but I’m not mad at that either. I’dda gave you some beats and Bentley too if I had ‘em.

Even after you made a hit with 50 Cent (“Magic Stick”) you had him turn around and attack you down the line. But you brushed that off too.

Then the Notorious movie came out and you wigged out on Biggie’s mom, which is probably the least sympathetic thing you can do. But when you were on dancing with the Stars we cheered for you every night as you cha-cha’d your bionic booty, forgetting how you said that Naturi Naughton was “Too dark” to play you in the Notorious movie.

Just like you’ve done for the people around you, your fans have stuck by you despite the crazy ish you’ve pulled of late.

But I think you might have just lost a fan for life with these two new records you’ve put out.

Why on Earth are you imitating Nicki Minaj? She came in the game wanting to be YOU! Her first promo photos were an imitation of your classic “Hardcore” poster and now she’s on 106 and Park with the rainbow colored wigs. She’s built her whole image on being a Barbie Doll and we all saw that “How Many Licks” video umpteen years ago. Minaj is blatantly swagger-jacking your style and you’ve even spoken on it(click here). So why have you put out these “Sex Toy” and “Pu**y Purr” records sounding like you’re doing Young Money karaoke??

“Sex Toy”

P*ssy Purr

One of two things is going on: Her new manager Diddy has gotten her to ghostwrite for you  or your ghostwriter pawned some ish off on you that he tried to sell to Nicki Minaj.

“Uh, Lil Kim the tooth fairy giving you the filler/I can make you slow doooown–caterpillar”—Lil Kim , “Pu$$y Purr”

W-T-F? If she is indeed ghostwriting for you, you need to be better about disguising it. It’s bad enough that reference tracks of Biggie spitting your verses have surfaced over the years

[click here to listen: ] You can’t be a veteran in the game rhyming like a new jack bar-for-bar. If you want good lessons on how to mask your ghostwriter’s flow talk to Dr. Dre. (Your boy Diddy is horrible at it.)

If she isn’t writing for you then you need to jump off of her Heavenly Star bra strap and get back to rhyming like yourself. If you wanna get back to being raunchy, fine. But that doesn’t mean you have to suck helium before you step in the booth. That usually requires a different kind of sucking but we won’t go there.

Let’s be clear. These two songs are not examples of you being on a track with Nicki and freaking her flow like Biggie did with Bone Thugs. Nor is this an example of you trying to show Minaj how you can do her style (which is really Drake’s) better than her (you didn’t). You’re biting, plain and simple and for someone who’s been in this game this long it’s disheartening and straight up embarrassing to witness.

Look to your left and your right and whoever co-signed these tracks needs to be fired. Not because they’re bad songs, but because you’re better than this.

You’ve been nominated for six Grammys and won two. Three MTV video music awards, two Soul Train Lady Of Soul Awards and two Source Awards. Hardcore is double platinum, Notorious K.I.M is platinum. If Nicki Minaj manages to sell 3 million records between her first two solo albums I’ll eat a Barbie doll.

Part of me is still hoping that you’ll come out with a mixtape next week called “Psych!” and these two songs were indeed skits of you effing around in the studio. But that would be asking too much.

Ms. Jones, please get back to being the Queen Bee because this is not the way to get yourself a buzz.

MY Top 5 Lil Kim Records:

No Time

Crush On You

Ladies Night

How Many Licks

Magic Stick

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