A year ago today hip-hop lost a great one, Keith “Guru” Elam. The founder of The Gang Starr and creator of the Jazzmatazz movement succumbed to Cancer at the age of 43.

Back in 1998 when Gang Starr released Moment Of Truth I had the honor of interviewing Guru and Premier at D&D studios for Beat Down Magazine. During our conversation Guru  told me about the early Boston hip-hop scene, his very first time battling and how he hitch-hiked in the snow to NY after his car broke down in CT to pursue his rap dreams.

He also told me about the many jobs he took while still rapping and what his relationship was like with his then roommate DJ Premier. It’s a stark contrast to the some of the “statements” being issued upon his behalf of late. It was one of my first interviews and I’m grateful to this day for the opportunity.

Thanks to Trent Fitzgerald (@BeatsandRants) for rescuing this clip for me:

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