CLOSE’s Ginger Lynn received an email from ?uestlove of The Roots detailing a recent bus crash they experienced while touring in Europe. Underlining just how dedicated ?uest is to his fans he shot off a rather entertaining blog about the whole thing:

well…since we are sitting on the side of the road. what better way to pass the time while the ambulance comes then to….blog.

–actually i spoke too soon….the above was written an hour ago. now im in a roadside motel trying to make sense of this all. the last things i remember are eating 2 pieces of cold pizza and a bowl of rice krispies and watching will ferrel’s nuts dance on top of john c. riley’s drumset in step brothers. because it was the ghetto bootleg barbershop version i was more or less wondering when the guy in the theater was going to say “watch….this is the good part” to me as the movie went on.

as usual i fell asleep. now normally i woulda been working overtime in preparing my dj set for my paris afterparty on friday but something actually said “meh leave it alone”–

i don’t wanna get all deep like it was an omen but those that know me (look at my twit/facebook/myspace/okayplayer/blip history) know that when not onstage i am glued to my computer, doing some sort of activity like converting music or tv shows. but this was a rare occurrence in which i actually went to sleep.

next thing i knew was the most surreal feeling ever….

was i upside down?

why am i covered in cereal?

To read the rest and see pictures of the overturned bus click HERE at

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