It’s Earth Day people, so prepare the electric cars, green paper goods, and recycled rappers. Yes, recycled rappers- the ones who’s voices and have been borrowed, chopped and screwed over and over…and over.

Very few days go by where one of the following lyricists aren’t used to help prop up somebody’s single.    It’s true that recycling is good for the Earth but is it good for music? Let us know what you think!

Song Sampled: “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”

Recycler: Cassidy “I’m A Hustler”

Hov is known for doing his fair share of sampling of others (Biggie anyone?), but we can’t deny that his voice,music, and swag also gets used just as much if not more often. Jay has been sampled by at least 86 other artists and covered by 10 artists.

Song Sampled: “Top Billin'”

Recycler: 50 Cent “I Get Money”

Audio Two has one of the most famous songs in hip hop history so it’s no wonder bits and bites of the lyrics have been used by over 30 other artists. As recently as 2009 50 cent grabbed a slice with his super hit “I Get Money.” Lloyd Banks, Keri Hilson, and Snoop Dogg have all also sampled Milk’s vocals.

Song Sampled: “Dead Wrong

Recycler: 8 Ball and MJG “Relax & Take Notes”

The Notorius B.I.G has been sampled over 90 times(most of them were probably from Diddy). Nicki Minaj, Ashanti, Linkin Park and Jay-Z have all re-used Biggie lyrics and or/songs.

* Plies also sampled the same exact song”

Song Sampled:  “Shut Em Down”

Recycler: Notorious B.I.G. “Ten Crack Commandments”

While this particular jack resulted in legal action, the Public Enemy founder settled out of court with Biggie’s estate.  Chuck D has  one of the most distinct voices in Hip-Hop and has been sampled 141 times by other artists.

Song Sampled:  “Dumb Girl”

Recyclers: Jay-Z “Jockin Jay-Z”

Run DMC have been sampled 148 times by popular artists like LL Cool J, Jim Jones, Method Man and Mario.  Most recently Kanye West took the words “I see you Jockin J.C.”  from Raising Hell’s “Dumb Girl”  for the mixtape cut “Jockin Jay-Z.”

Song Sampled: “South Bronx”

Recycler: Jennifer Lopez “Jenny From The Block”

One of the most influential MCs in the game KRS- 1 has been sample by 139 artists. J-Lo tried to grab some street cred jacking the vocals to the classic “South Bronx” for “Jenny From The Block.”

Song Sampled: “La Di Da Di”

Recycler: Das EFX “Jussumen”

*Slick Rick has been sample almost 200 times by other artists (including himself on “The Ruler’s Back”) and  “La Di Da Di” is one of the most sampled songs in the history of rap. It has been sampled by artists like Das Efx, Biggie, EPMD, De la Soul, and Tupac, etc.

Song Sampled: Eric B. Is President

Recycler:Ludacris feat. Lil’ Wayne “Last Of A Dying Breed”

Eric B. and Rakim have been sampled over 100 times and Rakim even reused his own voice on the song “The Saga Begins.” Most recently Ludacris and Weezy jacked the classic “MC means Move The Crowd” line for “Last Of A Dying Breed.”

Song Sampled: It Takes Two

Recycler: Snoop Dogg “I Wanna Rock”

Rob Base has been sampled by at least 23 artists including Luke and Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. Snoop Dogg just got Rob some new publishing checks sampling his voice for “I Wanna Rock.”

Song Sampled: “I Wonder If Heaven Gotta Ghetto”

Recycler: Nas “Black President”

Tupac Shakur has probably had his songs and vocals reused and remixed more than any other MC. (Biggie runs a close second but he just didn’t have as much material to take.) In 2008 Nas took the vocals from “I Wonder If Heaven Gotta Ghetto” for the pro-Obama track “Black President.”

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