In honor of Earth Day, we decided to highlight some of today’s hottest black celebrities who are eco-conscious.  And sorry people, Lil’ Wayne is not on the list for recycling baby mamas.

Words by Ebony LaDelle

DRAKE: Drake announced in February that he would headline an eco-friendly college tour.  The tour hopes to encourage environmental sustainability through music and is a part of the 5th Annual Campus Consciousness tour.

WYCLEF JEAN: Wyclef has created quite a stir this year.  Although his efforts with Haiti have caused some controversy, he still has done his part to go green.  Wyclef teamed up with Timberland to produce eco-friendly boots.  The boots, called Yele Haiti boots, are made from recycled and organic materials and $2 from every sale went to support Yele.  Also, Wyclef’s organization coordinated tree planting initiatives prior to the earthquake.

ERYKAH BADU: A devout vegetarian, Erykah is also doing her part to save the environment.  She teamed up with Kiehl last year to promote the Limited Edition Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion.  The bottle, which she designed, is made of 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.   She also delivered both of her children naturally at home. (click on Hello Beautiful on Erykah Badu’s design)

ALICIA KEYS: For Alicia Keys’ CD Unplugged, Alicia showed us her love for the environment by putting her CD in eco-friendly packaging.  The CD doesn’t come in plastic or a booklet, but rather card wallet packaging.

BEYONCE: Showing that she is not only a performer but a humanitarian, Beyonce hosted a local food bank right before a concert in an effort to feed hungry Americans.  Feeding America, formerly known as Second Harvest, has been working with Beyonce since The Beyonce Experience tour.

JAY-Z: Of course we can’t mention one Carter without mentioning the other.  Jay-Z has worked with the UN Water for Life, an organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water.  He introduced the organization on MTV’s Diary.

RUSSELL SIMMONS: Russell is also a strict vegetarian who is active in many organizations related to the cause.  Russell is also active with PETA.   Not only did he record a PSA promoting vegetarianism, he also defended PETA when NBC rejected their Superbowl ad last year because of too much nudity.

COMMON: Common is a celebrity that is public about his vegan lifestyle.  He has also appeared in a PETA ad and is passionate about preserving the life of animals.  In an interview with Ebony magazine Common states,  “To the hip-hop community I say, ‘If you eat better, you live better and feel better.’”

OPRAH: She is the queen of being eco-conscious.  Oprah always supports taking care of the environment by promoting natural cleaning products, light bulbs, shopping bags, and food just to name a few.

CARMELO ANTHONY: Carmelo Anthony, whose favorite animal is the tiger, was surprised to find out how endangered the species was and decided to help out.  He participated in a WildAid PSA to raise consciousness for the illegal demand for endangered species.

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